Monday, May 30, 2011

BMK's Rap song

BMK loves to sing. Today after we read a poem on water he made up a song on the spot. Listen to it. Mrs. A was very proud of him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting in Room 3

We are using wool for our art this term so some of us decided to use wool to learn knitting. We really liked doing it. Thanks lovely Mrs. Murray for teaching us how to knit.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inquiry Learning in Room 3

 This is what we are going to find out. Our Topic is "Flushed Away".
 We have learnt about the water cycle. The koru is our school Inquiry Model.

 Here are the questions and how we are going to find the information.
This is our Tangaroa art, the guardian of the sea. We would liked to be guardians of the earth's water!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In search of the Koru

As part of our Art for Arts we are painting the koru so we went around school looking for koru. Here
are some pictures.

Then we wrote stories. Here are our stories.
I saw a koru at the Library. I like it. KH
I saw a koru at the park. It was green. it felt furry. I like the koru because it is green and I like green. Green is the colour of nature. KJF
I saw a koru in my house. It was a big one on a truck. I like it because it is cool. The koru is good for people. ES
I saw a  koru at the park. It is soft. I like the koru. It is red and green. It is nice. TN
We saw some koru. I like the one in the middle school. It is a hard one. The koru is white. TP
I saw a koru at the Library. It is green and red. It felt rough. BMK
I saw a koru at school. It was outside the Library. It was white and it felt rough. It had a hole on the top for the water to come out. It was a fountain. It is a spiral shape. I like the shape. MS
I saw a koru at school. Then I touched it. I looked at the fountain in the garden. the koru is white. It felt hard. I like the koru. ENW
I saw a koru on the bus. It was red and blue. I like the koru. AKD
I saw a koru at school. I like it. It was white. HP
I saw a koru by the Library. It was white. It felt rough. BH
I saw a koru on a shop. My dad has a koru on his necklace. It looks like a sketching one. Dad’s koru is black. The shop koru is orange and black. AK
I like the koru. It is a spiral. AN
I have a koru at home. It is green. I saw a koru in the middle school and near the office. AG

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

To all our beautiful caring mums
We love you! Hope you have a great mothers' day on Sunday and always...
Room 3