Sunday, December 4, 2011

And our favorite candidate/party is...

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Voting Day Set Up

Getting prepared to vote!

Apart from watching a DVD and looking at books to understand the election process in NZ, a group of students from Room 3 went around taking photographs of the candidate billboards. They came and shared these with the class. It was a very special activity because we got driven by lovely Ms. BJ in our huge school van!! It was exciting.

Student-Led Conference

2nd Student-Led Conference EPS on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Here are our letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Give everyone presents because we are good. We love Christmas and also Santa bring us presents because we are really good. We love you! Merry Christmas. I’ll be good! KJF

Please give me violet old dragon and dark pixies. Please give me a racing boat and a racing car and some chips and lollies with a lego boat. I would like a shark BMX bike, a motor bike and a surf board. I like you. AG

Give me toys on Christmas day. I would like to celebrate Christmas and also give all other children a gift. I love Santa. I want toys. Please give me toys at Christmas time. Christmas is good. AK

In December it is Christmas. Summer is Christmas time in New Zealand. Please give me presents. I love you. XXXXXXXoooooooXXXXX. Can you come back please? Come back and please give me toys. BMK

I would like a Math Wiki for Christmas. You will find it on the Internet. It costs $83 or 8,300cents. Please come to my house on Christmas Day and leave 1 gift under the Christmas tree. I will keep some chick peas for you and a carrot for your reindeer. See you soon! I’ll be good ‘til then. Merry Christmas!
Lots of hugs and Kisses. MS

You have a great day at Christmas. I hope you bring me lollies and presents. I love you Santa. ENW

This Christmas you don’t have to  get me a present. You could get other children in other countries stuff because they don’t have anything. You could get me one present. Now I’m going to be good. Bye! TN

I like you Santa. I want you to come and get me presents. SN

I love Santa. I love Christmas reindeer. I love presents. AV

I love you Santa. Please bring me toys. RA

Please bring me presents. Put it under the Christmas tree. KW

I would like a cash register for Christmas. I like one. Put it under the tree please. BH

Can you get a motor bike for me. Ho! Ho! Ho! Can you also get other people presents? They have no presents. Merry Christmas! KH

Can you give me some presents but do not forget about the other people. I love Christmas and you, Santa. I will give you some cake and some milk too. I am good. I love you Santa. Happy Christmas. TP

Come to room 3 at Elm Park School. Bring me lollies. Thank you. I love you Santa, Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas. Come to Room 3 with presents. We made a card for you. AN

We want you to come and visit us. I love you. I hope you are well. Bring us toys. I want a phone and roller skates. I will be good. I would like a radio phone, a book, a car- a battery car. HP

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Letters to Santa

Today we wrote our letters to Santa. We then put it in an envelope, wrote Santa's address which is the North Pole,  and went to the mail box by the dairy to post it. We were really excited! After we posted our letters we got a treat from the dairy. We ate our lollies and remembered to put our wrappers in the bag to take back to school. Hope Santa brings us our gifts... Can't wait for Christmas...!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trip to the Rainforest, Waitakere Auckland: Photographs

On the Rainforest Express on PhotoPeach

Trip to the Rainforest, Waitakere Auckland: Some of our recounts

Yesterday Room 3 and Mrs. A went on bus. We were going to the rainforest. It was really far. We reached and got into the train. I liked when the train went in the tunnel because we saw spiders and weta. We climbed the high steps. It was hard but I was doing my best. Then we had some lunch and some rest. We walked and saw some waterfall and the rocky road. Lots of Koru and fern were in the bush. We came to school. I felt tired but excited! AKD
On the trip Room 3 and 9 went on the bus. First Chris talked with us. We had a little bit of snack and went on the train. The train went in the tunnel and we saw weta and lots of ferns. After the train ride we stopped and saw 3 more tunnels. I was excited to climb the steps. Then next we had lunch and walked to the bus. It was a long walk. HP
There were tunnels. I went on the bus. I had fun. I went up the big steps and had lunch. I felt great climbing up the steps. I was a brave boy. RA
We saw the brown weta. They were lovely and big. I liked the little ones. I loved to walk up the stairs and I loved to walk up the stairs. I liked the flowers and the train ride. AV
I liked the train trip because we went in the tunnel. It was dark. We went in the tunnel. It was dark. We walked to the bus. It was a long walk. I liked tippy toeing up the steps. AF
The trip was in the rainforest. I like the rainforest. it was scary. I liked the tunnel. It was dark in the tunnel. I was a little scared. The train ride was fun. I liked the flowers and the water was nice and white. SN
I saw the glow worms. The lights made them look cool in the dark. We looked at nature. The important bit was water in the dam. I liked the big long walk. I liked the weta and mum helping children to walk. It was the best trip. KW
On the trip first Room 3 went on the bus to the Waitakere Ranges. When Room 3 got there we had morning tea. Chris told us not to lean near doors. If you lean your knees on the door you might fall outside. We stopped to go to the toilet. We had lunch and then Room 3 went back on the bus. First we went past Pakuranga Plaza. On the way to school I had a sleep. Then at school I put my head down. Soon the bell rang and I went home. AG
Yesterday I went on the bus with Room 3. Then we went on the train and saw glow worms and saw AN peeking at me. I liked the red light on the train the best. BH

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Room 3 shares their Inquiry with the teachers!!!!

Well done to all my little people that shared their Inquiry on saving water in the toilets! You did a great job!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Art Process

For the school Art show Room 3 decided to make a piupiu and tipare which is a NZ costume. The original piupiu is made from flax but we used wool, straw and beads. We looked around for koru patterns in our school, the Internet and books. We sketched the patterns and then practised the shapes. We also used mathematical equipment to create patterns so we could make a pattern using our beads and straws. We even practised making knots. After we put the beads and straw on we traced our patterns of koru for the waist and head band and painted them. Our costume was ready for the Bits on the Side show or like we say 'Fashion Walk Show'. The most difficult parts were sketching and putting the wool thru' the beads. We worked really hard and enjoyed every step of the process.
Class Photo. (The Video is not very clear, reason unknown)