Friday, November 4, 2011

Trip to the Rainforest, Waitakere Auckland: Some of our recounts

Yesterday Room 3 and Mrs. A went on bus. We were going to the rainforest. It was really far. We reached and got into the train. I liked when the train went in the tunnel because we saw spiders and weta. We climbed the high steps. It was hard but I was doing my best. Then we had some lunch and some rest. We walked and saw some waterfall and the rocky road. Lots of Koru and fern were in the bush. We came to school. I felt tired but excited! AKD
On the trip Room 3 and 9 went on the bus. First Chris talked with us. We had a little bit of snack and went on the train. The train went in the tunnel and we saw weta and lots of ferns. After the train ride we stopped and saw 3 more tunnels. I was excited to climb the steps. Then next we had lunch and walked to the bus. It was a long walk. HP
There were tunnels. I went on the bus. I had fun. I went up the big steps and had lunch. I felt great climbing up the steps. I was a brave boy. RA
We saw the brown weta. They were lovely and big. I liked the little ones. I loved to walk up the stairs and I loved to walk up the stairs. I liked the flowers and the train ride. AV
I liked the train trip because we went in the tunnel. It was dark. We went in the tunnel. It was dark. We walked to the bus. It was a long walk. I liked tippy toeing up the steps. AF
The trip was in the rainforest. I like the rainforest. it was scary. I liked the tunnel. It was dark in the tunnel. I was a little scared. The train ride was fun. I liked the flowers and the water was nice and white. SN
I saw the glow worms. The lights made them look cool in the dark. We looked at nature. The important bit was water in the dam. I liked the big long walk. I liked the weta and mum helping children to walk. It was the best trip. KW
On the trip first Room 3 went on the bus to the Waitakere Ranges. When Room 3 got there we had morning tea. Chris told us not to lean near doors. If you lean your knees on the door you might fall outside. We stopped to go to the toilet. We had lunch and then Room 3 went back on the bus. First we went past Pakuranga Plaza. On the way to school I had a sleep. Then at school I put my head down. Soon the bell rang and I went home. AG
Yesterday I went on the bus with Room 3. Then we went on the train and saw glow worms and saw AN peeking at me. I liked the red light on the train the best. BH

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