Friday, November 11, 2011

Here are our letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Give everyone presents because we are good. We love Christmas and also Santa bring us presents because we are really good. We love you! Merry Christmas. I’ll be good! KJF

Please give me violet old dragon and dark pixies. Please give me a racing boat and a racing car and some chips and lollies with a lego boat. I would like a shark BMX bike, a motor bike and a surf board. I like you. AG

Give me toys on Christmas day. I would like to celebrate Christmas and also give all other children a gift. I love Santa. I want toys. Please give me toys at Christmas time. Christmas is good. AK

In December it is Christmas. Summer is Christmas time in New Zealand. Please give me presents. I love you. XXXXXXXoooooooXXXXX. Can you come back please? Come back and please give me toys. BMK

I would like a Math Wiki for Christmas. You will find it on the Internet. It costs $83 or 8,300cents. Please come to my house on Christmas Day and leave 1 gift under the Christmas tree. I will keep some chick peas for you and a carrot for your reindeer. See you soon! I’ll be good ‘til then. Merry Christmas!
Lots of hugs and Kisses. MS

You have a great day at Christmas. I hope you bring me lollies and presents. I love you Santa. ENW

This Christmas you don’t have to  get me a present. You could get other children in other countries stuff because they don’t have anything. You could get me one present. Now I’m going to be good. Bye! TN

I like you Santa. I want you to come and get me presents. SN

I love Santa. I love Christmas reindeer. I love presents. AV

I love you Santa. Please bring me toys. RA

Please bring me presents. Put it under the Christmas tree. KW

I would like a cash register for Christmas. I like one. Put it under the tree please. BH

Can you get a motor bike for me. Ho! Ho! Ho! Can you also get other people presents? They have no presents. Merry Christmas! KH

Can you give me some presents but do not forget about the other people. I love Christmas and you, Santa. I will give you some cake and some milk too. I am good. I love you Santa. Happy Christmas. TP

Come to room 3 at Elm Park School. Bring me lollies. Thank you. I love you Santa, Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas. Come to Room 3 with presents. We made a card for you. AN

We want you to come and visit us. I love you. I hope you are well. Bring us toys. I want a phone and roller skates. I will be good. I would like a radio phone, a book, a car- a battery car. HP

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